I have decided to create an entire blog page dedicated to IPv6. This site is on a server that is configured for IPv6.  After a year of working on IPv6 with Fortinet from AT&T.   I finally abandoned AT&T and switched to Comcast. 

I followed Thorsten’s site


Comcast brought me down all 8 interfaces and both WIFI interfaces the Prefix-Delegated Subnets for IPv6.  I made the other changes to the firewall and IPv6 has /64 addresses on every interface and can route in and out.  

ipv6 ready

After further testing on one of the Apache2 Web Servers it fully resolves IPv6.

Fortinet is checking into a way for the other web server to work IPv6.  You can setup an IPv4 VIP from URL to IP.   They are checking on doing it with IPv6.

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