Well, here I am with my wife.   We had this picture taken on a cruise.  If you are wondering.  I am 6′ 3″ 215 lbs.   I am not your typical nerd or geek.   I have a lot of content and pages covering everything.  We have two adorable children so my time and budget for everything that goes on this site has been cut.    I still get users contacting me from forums I was on 10+ years ago.   People still find my posts on the internet.  I created this page to help others who email me about gaming rigs, technology, and everything else on all these pages.  I started doing this stuff in 1982.   This web site meanders through most of my life.   It deals with all the stuff I built and stuff I have done.  

Why am I called SCSIraidGURU

I was gaming with Team ATI many years ago. One of our team members ATI Guy worked for ATI. He was a lead engineer. He gave me the AKA “SCSIraidURU”, when he saw a picture of my rig with 18 SCSI drives in two chassis. I would also spend much of my time helping members build better rigs for gaming.

All three monster rigs

The white 5 bay chassis held 18 hard drives across two chassis.  You can see pictures of it in My High End Rig page.