Where to start?    I started years ago working on my Cisco CCNA and CCNP certifications.  I installed a Cisco Virtual Lab (VIRL).  Above you will see all the configurations I made on IPv4 and IPv6.   I was able to get a TFTP server working on my workstation to copy out the configurations in both IPv4 and IPv6.   I created my own IPv6 addressing scheme and used it.  

Last year I noticed my AT&T modem had an IPv6 address on it but no delegated prefix.   Well, a delegated prefix is used by DHCPv6 for internal addressing.   I called AT&T and after 3 weeks, I was able to get a delegated prefix: 2600:1702:980:25e0::/64.    I abandoned by own IPv6 addressing scheme on the Fortinet 60E and started working on subnetting it.   You will see the results in the menu.   I needed 8 networks for the 8 layer 3 LAN ports of the 60E.   I split one of them in half for the LAN interface and the 221-C Wireless access point.