I opened an support ticket on getting IPv6 Virtual IP that will allow me to place a URL to internal IP address for web servers.  2.5.2021, Fortinet L2 engineer wrote up a NFR for my URL Virtual IP request for IPv6.    FutureCon is looking into a IPv6 talk.  I moved the Ubuntu DHCP and DHCPv6 back to the Fortinet because IA-NA and IA-PD need DHCPv6.  

I have some interesting news to report.   AT&T only presents one delegated prefix instead of 8 to 16 like Comcast.   Fortinet found more IPv6 bugs.  I hope they can get it resolved soon and get AT&T involved to help on their end.   So I can use IPv6 on one interface of the 60E only unless I subnet it down.